Maps of the Old Testament


The Book of Genesis – Key Map
Index to Old Testament Israel (North and Central)
Israel, Canaan and the Near East in Old Testament times
Old Testament Israel showing major biblical sites and trade routes
Two major trade routes with Egypt

Noah’s descendants – Maps of where they lived

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Events in Abraham’s life

Isaac moves to Gerar and deceives king Abimelech
Isaac sends Jacob to Paddan-aram to find a wife

Jacob enters Canaan, onto Shechem, Bethel and Hebron.
Jacob enters Canaan. travelling to Shechem then south to Bethel and Hebron

The Hebrews go to Egypt

God deals with Joseph who is enslaved in Egypt, and blesses his family

God deals with His people and sets them free

Land of Goshen – home of the Israelites in Egypt
Enslaved Israelites are forced to build cities – Pithom and Rameses
The Book of Exodus – Key Map
The Exodus
The Promised Land
Land allotted to the 12 Tribes of Israel
The tribes who occupied Canaan at the time of the Exodus.
The Book of Numbers – Key Map

Location of The Battle at Ai
Cities of Refuge
David fights Goliath – Location
David fled to the wilderness to avoid Saul
The Country is divided into Two Kingdoms